ASUS EN7800GT Silent Video Card Review :: ASUS EN7800GT Silent Bundle

05-22-2006 · Category: Hardware - Video Cards

By Benjamin Sun
  • Savage
  • Billy Blade
  • Mashed
  • Second Sight
  • Chaos League
  • PowerDrome
  • King Kong
  • VIVO breakout box
  • DVI to D-Sub adapter
  • PowerDirector 3
  • Driver CD
  • CyberLink MediaShow SE
  • ASUS Splendid
  • GameFace
  • GameLive
  • GameReplay
  • ASUS Video Security Online
  • ASUS OnScreenDisplay

Game bundles on graphics cards are a bonus for any purchaser of a new video card. In this case, King Kong was released last year based on the remake of the classic movie King Kong. The other games in the bundle are pedestrian, found in the bargain bin if you care to look. Most graphics cards come with no game bundle, and I find ASUS's bundle to be excellent and above most in that respect.

ASUS EN7800GT Silent Video Card Review Game bundle

Game bundle

ASUS EN7800GT Silent Video Card Review Manuals


ASUS includes CyberLink's PowerDirector and MediaCenter software. PowerDirector allows you to create DVD movies. MediaShow allows you to make slide show presentations. ASUSDVD is a rebadged PowerDVD from CyberLink. ASUS has also included their Splendid technology which is similar in scope to NVIDIA's Digital Vibrance feature. Game Replay allows you to replay game movies.

ASUS EN7800GT Silent Video Card Review Hardware bundle

Hardware bundle

ASUS EN7800GT Silent Video Card Review Leather CD Case

Leather CD Case

The hardware that comes with the ASUS EN7800GT TOP Silent card is sufficient to get you started. Two DVI-I to D-Sub adapters allow you to take advantage of your monitors. The EN7800GT TOP Silent card comes with a power connector. The 7800GT requires extra power, and the cable is included. A breakout box is included for the Video In and Video Out cables.