Thermaltake Typhoon Heatsink Roundup :: Conclusion

05-18-2006 · Category: Hardware - Cooling

By Tulatin

After that unfortunate (and painful, perhaps humiliating) defeat at the Overclocked section of the Intel area, I'm sure that some wind has been taken from the sails of the Mini Typhoon. But for me, that's hardly the point. What matters here is that with a little modification, this heatsink can go from a good cooler, to a near perfect one - it's relatively light, explicitly easy to install, future proofed, and, when used in it's stock configuration, nearly silent. While it may be true that the first mounting taken on the AMD platform was a golden one, such a thing only existed to prove that this heatsink is more than capable in the open world, and for users looking for an option to help keep their burning processors cool, without having to pull out their hair over some demonic mounting schemes, the Mini Typhoon can't be beat.