Thermaltake Typhoon Heatsink Roundup :: Performance: Intel

05-18-2006 · Category: Hardware - Cooling

By Tulatin

Thermaltake Typhoon Heatsink Roundup
Thermaltake Typhoon Heatsink Roundup

In addition to our smoking hot new AMD processor, I've also opted to keep our old heater in commission - that is, I'd like to keep our old 530J around for overclocking testing. Unfortunately, due to issues with our usual C19-CRB Reference motherboard (a forgetful motherboard due to a shot CMOS battery, coupled with busy schedules), I've opted to re-test a group of heatsinks on the more modern Gigabyte 8I955X Royal Platform. Now, while I'd love to show you scads on scads of OCCT graphs here too, the program has an interesting conflict with this board - one which causes it to never finish. As such, I'm left to just let the bloody thing run and record the highest temperatures seen by the program. Not as scientific by any means, but still functional enough to work out. Our test bed was as follows:

  • Intel 530J "Prescott"
  • Gigabyte 8I-955X Royal
  • 2x512MB Corsair XMS2-6400
  • 1x6800 GT
  • Enermax Liberty 500W PSU
  • Open Air Test Bench

Stock Clocks: Idle

  • Blue Orb II: 33
  • Intel Reference Solution: 37
  • Gigabyte 3D Rocket Cooler Pro (High): 39
  • Sonic Tower (Passive): 36
  • Sonic Tower (Active): 34
  • Big Typhoon: 33
  • Mini Typhoon 34

Stock Clocks: Load

  • Blue Orb II: 45
  • Intel Reference Solution: 50
  • Gigabyte 3D Rocket Cooler Pro (High): 45
  • Sonic Tower (Passive): 44
  • Sonic Tower (Active): 42
  • Big Typhoon: 44
  • Mini Typhoon: 45

While there may have been an advantage - heck, even a gain on the AMD front for this heatsink, the Mini Typhoon proves itself capable of performance here, once again, holding in competition next to the likes of the Big Typhoon and Silent Tower - both of which being excellent performers on the stock Intel Platform. Yet, how will this heatsink handle even more heat?

Overclocked: Idle

  • Blue Orb II: 42
  • Intel Reference Solution: 44
  • Gigabyte 3D Rocket Cooler Pro (High): 47
  • Sonic Tower (Passive): 41
  • Sonic Tower (Active): 39
  • Big Typhoon: 39
  • Mini Typhoon: 46

Overclocked: Load

  • Blue Orb II: 52
  • Intel Reference Solution: 59
  • Gigabyte 3D Rocket Cooler Pro (High): 56
  • Sonic Tower (Passive): 45
  • Sonic Tower (Active): 50
  • Big Typhoon: 52
  • Mini Typhoon: 63

Ouch - just plain ouch. With three out of four victories, the Mini Typhoon could be riding high right now, if it wasn't for one hell of a crushing loss like this. Considering that the Idle temperatures could only be preceded by one other sink (the 3D Rocker Cooler Pro), and it's load temperatures fell behind those of even Intel's Reference cooler, I'm not exactly sure what I'm going to say here. The only real thing to note was that even from the get go during testing, the body of the heatsink felt excessively hot, a sign that a more powerful, or more forceful fan would be needed to harness the full power of this heatsink. With such a crushing loss at the end of such a great run, can I recommend you the Mini Typhoon in your endeavors into overclocking and beyond? Well, just read the conclusion to see.