Ultra ULT31664 1GB PC3200 Memory Review :: Overclocking

05-14-2006 · Category: Hardware - Memory

By Tulatin

Now, it seems to be a sadistic tradition lately to have pitifully short sections here, but at this point we do have justification. While initial tests found that 220MHz was possible, it was found to be a far optimistic success. Within minutes, we found that 220MHz was unstable, and beyond that, any points beyond 200MHz (whether it was at the stock latencies, or the potentially reduced ones), would run unstable after a period of time - minutes, hours, days - the ram just didn't like being overclocked. Then again, this was to be expected, after all, look at the niche it's targeted for. At least we can make up for it with the overall decent performance, though. On the plus side, though, we had no trouble running the FSB up to the 300MHz mark, and setting the memory back on a divider of 3:2, thus allowing us to push the CPU along at 2.7GHz while the memory held it's initial speed. The result here was a nice boost in speed, coupled with a boost in capacity, one which helped IMMENSELY with most of the modern games we run out this way. In that respect, overclockers with the right motherboards WILL have some freedom with these sticks... just not much of it.