Thermaltake Coolers from Mild to Wild: A Three Sink Comparison :: Introduction

04-05-2006 · Category: Hardware - Cooling

By Tulatin

If you were to go back ages, to the murky dawn of mainstream overclocking and cooling, you'd find a certain brand of Heatsinks that everybody's owned one of over time, or at least used. Striking hard into a stagnant market with their Golden Orb, Thermaltake made a lasting impression in the enthusiast community all those years ago. Now, while it may be true that times have changed, and you can find heatsinks made by every company, whether it's their business or not, one thing hasn't really changed. Thermaltake still makes heatsinks that you'll find in almost every store, or at least in a rig or two at your next LAN party. Weighing down our bench today are three coolers, from the reasonable, to the downright atrocious in terms of size. Not only do they come across in all different shapes and sizes, but these coolers aim for differing segments of the market too. Let's take them head to head to head with the past's best of the best, and see where Thermaltake stands in terms of Thermal Superiority today.