Gigabyte 3D Galaxy Liquid Cooler Review :: Introduction

03-26-2006 · Category: Hardware - Cooling

By Doc Overclock

After Gigabyte's serious entry into the PC chassis world with their Aurora series enclosures, they have taken the next logical move and developed a liquid cooling system that works in conjunction with the Aurora series. You can use the 3D Galaxy system with most any case with a few modifications, but with the Aurora its like a match made in heaven and the parts are designed to be implemented into the case without any modification or hassle.

Everyone who is reading this has probably heard of Gigabyte, if not here is the short list. They have a long history of making and developing new technology via their PC manufacturing and R&D processes. Gigabyte has always been a pioneer of a stable overclocking environment as seen in their Dual-BIOS protection, and their voltage options and motherboard features have always made them a bit different than the rest. Gigabyte was one of the first big names in the PC industry and through their continued efforts they remain a player in the game. Lets check this 3D Galaxy thing and see if Gigabyte has got a hit or miss product here, from first looks it sure has visual appeal.