XFX 7600GS XT SLI Video Card Review :: Introduction

03-25-2006 · Category: Hardware - Video Cards

By Benjamin Sun

NVIDIA is one of the three major video chip manufacturers in the world of computers today, with ATI and Intel being the other two. Matrox is almost totally out of the video card business with specialty sales to Medical and Business people. PowerVR, a company that developed the Kyro and Kyro II video cards is relegated to developing handheld video chips.

Last year NVIDIA launched their 7xxx series of video chips in June. The initial cards were the 7800GTX and the 7800GT. Late in the year, NVIDIA launched an overclocked 7800GTX, called the 7800GTX 512MB. Earlier this year, NVIDIA introduced the 7600GT and the 7300GS for the mainstream performance and value segments of the video card market. This week, NVIDIA launched two new cards, the 7600GS and the 7300LE, rounding out the entire 7xxx series.

XFX 7600GS XT SLI Video Card Review 7600GS card and box

7600GS card and box

XFX is a division of Pine Technologies in Korea, a major player in the Asian computer market. They primarily manufacture video cards, but have branched out into game pads, SATA RAID controllers and more. They manufacture cards based solely on NVIDIA chipsets, with virtually every NVIDIA chip in the last few years having a card made by XFX. Today I'm reviewing two XFX 7600GSs in single and SLI mode.