Spire Rocketeer 500W PSU Review :: Introduction

03-20-2006 · Category: Hardware - Power Supplies

By Benjamin Sun

Power supplies are one of the most important components of the computer. No, really. With today's video cards requiring more and more power, and the other computer components drawing power, the PSU is as important as anything else. After all, having the fastest computer is nice, but without sufficient power, the computer can be unstable, run slower than expected, or have all kinds of other problems. A good solid power supply is often overclocked when a new system is built. Mom and Pop stores often sell computers with generic PSUs that provide 300-350W of power at best.

Spire is a manufacturer of PSUs, Hard drive enclosures, CPU coolers, and other computer components. Their main corporate office is in the United States with branches and offices around the world to service their customer base. Spire is one of the more interesting innovative companies around, as anyone who has used a Spire CPU cooler can tell you. Spire was founded in 1991, and today is recognized as one of the leading thermal solutions companies in the world. Today I'm reviewing their 500W PSU the Spire Rocketeer 500W, it looks to be a good product, but lets check it out in its entirety.