The Ultra Products X2 PSU Review :: Packaging and Bundle

02-11-2006 · Category: Hardware - Power Supplies

By Tulatin

Packed tightly within a nicely decorated box (as per usual for Ultra's goods), the X2 supply made the trip without a single scratch or smudge to the main unit, let alone a dent to the box. Across every face of the packaging, images of the unit inside, its modular cables and Ultra's Logos can be found. Also present on the package are logos to show off some of the new features, ones which will of course be covered in the next section. Also given on the box are the wattage and output ratings for this supply (outlined in the table following this page), as well as a complete listing of all the cables and connectors included within the box. While it may not seem like there are too many of them, opening the box at first can indeed be overwhelming.

The Ultra Products X2 PSU Review
The Ultra Products X2 PSU Review
The Ultra Products X2 PSU Review
The Ultra Products X2 PSU Review

As to the cables themselves, they are all packed neatly into a little box with push tabs adorning it's top, which is the first thing you'll find when opening up this box. Featuring the same level of functional artwork as the outside casing, there is no time wasted in showing off just what you get with the X2 supply. Included in this little box are a full and hearty set of cabling, including

The Ultra Products X2 PSU Review

System Cables

  • 1 19" 20/24 Pin ATX Cable
  • 1 19" 4 Pin Power Cable
  • 1 19" 8 Pin Power Cable
  • 2 24" PCI-E Power Cables

Perpetual cables

  • 1 25" 4 Pin Power Cable
  • 2 19" 4 Pin Y Power Cables
  • 1 7.5" 4 Pin Power Cable
  • 1 18" 4 Pin to Floppy Power Cable
  • 1 3.5" 4 Pin To Floppy Power Cable
  • 1 12.5" 4 Pin to 3x Fan Connector Cable
  • 1 21.5" SATA Power Cable
  • 1 21.5" SATA Y Power Cable

All of these cables fit neatly (much to our surprise) in the aforementioned box. Perhaps the only issues we have to them is that due to the nature of the flex force cables, they may be easily routable, but they will prove to be an absolute nightmare to those of us who tend to sleeve everything. Along with that, the two 12 pin bands heading to the ATX connector are stiff and thick, making it difficult to route this cable, leaving us wishing that Ultra had just stuck to rounding out the ATX cable while leaving the rest as flex force. That being said, there is in fact some merit behind the naming of these wires - when you bend them to your will, they stay put where they are, which is a nice bonus for those of us who are used to working with unruly wiring. Also tucked in with this wiring we found a power cable, a quadrant of screws and a small user manual which outlines the entire installation process. Below this box of wonders so to speak was the power supply itself, held well in place by a pair of foam blocks, and wrapped up in an anti-static bag. With everything arriving so snugly, and the connectors that would be needed laid out, it was time to proceed on to examining the actual supply itself.

The Ultra Products X2 PSU Review
The Ultra Products X2 PSU Review
The Ultra Products X2 PSU Review