The Ultra Products X2 PSU Review :: Introduction

02-11-2006 · Category: Hardware - Power Supplies

By Tulatin

While Ultra Products Limited has been in the market for ages now, their first real move of impact was the X-Connect power supply. Love it or hate it, this single rail, UV reactive beast was touted as the first commercially available, fully modular power supply. While it is true that Performance PC's had been making modular power supplies for years, the ATX connector, as well as the P4 line had always been left on. Ultra saw a niche market that could expand to encompass an industry, and look where their decision took us today. Being modular is nearly becoming a de-rigueur standard for supplies across the industry, as consumers are realizing that having only the cables you need in the system doesn't just help to preserve the aesthetics of your case, but cuts down on installation time as well. Sitting atop the test bench today is Ultra's X2 power supply unit - one which takes the X-Connect philosophy and expands on it, with hot new features such as SLI support, a beefy 120MM fan to keep things chilly and twin rails pushing 12v power, there are additions enough to make even the neigh-sayers of the last generation turn their heads. Yet, do all of these advances help to build a superb new product, or do they manifest themselves as merely cosmetic? Head on to the next page to find out.