Corsair Flash Voyager Vs OCZ Rally Review :: Introduction

02-06-2006 · Category: Hardware -

By Tulatin

It wasn't all too long ago that we made the transition over from floppy disks to the CD (and subsequently, DVD) for our physical mass storage needs. Yet, one thing was lacking from this transition - convenience. Without installing software such as InCD or Direct CD (from Ahead and Roxio respectively), the only time you'd be getting data onto these disks was via the use of burning software, along with the long wait the accompanied it. Now, as this inconvenience brooded, a company stepped forward with an idea. In the early, dark days of 1999, M-Systems released the disk on key - sure it was small and it was slow, but if you needed to shoot 32MB of data from machine to machine with minimal effort (that being no driver installations or software hassles), this was your ticket. Flash forward to today - everybody's got some form or another of these things on the market, with designs and capacities ranging from practical to zany. After all, there are only so many objects that can hold your data that are shaped like fingers, right? On the test bench today, we have the latest offerings from Corsair and OCZ. With promises of speed, quality and reliability, these keys have a lot to offer - but just how do they stack up? Read on, and we'll tell you.