DoubleSight DS-1900 Dual LCD Review :: Introduction

01-23-2006 · Category: Hardware - Monitors - LCDs

By Doc Overclock

One thing that amazes me is how monitor technology keeps getting better and better all the time. In fact over the last two years I have seen many advancements in how well monitors function as well as the prices dropping on all 17'' and above models, which is a big plus for the consumer. A good monitor is easy to find today for relatively inexpensive prices. A solid 21" CRT today retails under $300 USD. A good 19" LCD monitor retails for under $300 and 17'' models are under $200.

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Rear of monitors

A very high quality monitor however still comes with a premium price tag. Further, almost every video card released today supports at least two monitors, via their dual display capabilities. Dual monitors can nearly double the viewing area of a single monitor and make working on multiple projects an easier task. Business users or users wanting to track stocks need two or more large monitors to view their stock charts properly and gamers will delight in the fact that they can now view some of their games split between two screens for a broader spectrum of the game.

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Doublesight Displays LLC is a company that was founded in 2003, and is located in Seoul South Korea, affiliated with Erae Electronics. Erae Electronics is the third largest display manufacturer in the world after LG and Samsung. DoubleSight is unique in the industry manufacturing and marketing dual-display LCD. Today, I'm reviewing the DoubleSight DS-1900 monitor, a dual-linked 19" LCD monitor that offers many features that make it appealing to a broad audience. With its unique design and cool looks I think many people will like it just for its ascetics, and then they will be blown away when they actually see it in action.