Aug 15, 2009 3:58pm
From a pure performance point of view the XFX HD465X-YAF2 Radeon HD 4650 512MB video card is not going to win awards as the card is based upon the mainstream version of the RV7xx series. From the perspective of someone wanting an easy, quiet and power efficient upgrade to an Intel integrated graphics chip, the HD 4650 provides a good inexpensive upgrade path for those users. After all, not everyone can afford to spend $200 on a video card. The XFX card is short in length meaning it can fit into some cases that the larger video cards cannot. XFX has a decent product here for the mainstream... more.
Aug 13, 2009 9:21am
This is an early look at the new ASUS P7P55D Deluxe motherboard. With a slew of new features and innovations this looks to solidify ASUS's position as THE choice for hardcore enthusiasts. Once the Core i5 CPU launches, we'll have detailed performance results on this and many other motherboards based upon this chipset. ASUS has gone the extra mile with their Xtreme Design philosophy and it shows in the design of the P7P55D Deluxe motherboard. The board is designed for the hardcore enthusiast but is also overclocker friendly to the n00b that just wants a little more performance without a lot of... more.
Aug 12, 2009 12:13pm
The Thermaltake Element T case set out with a mission of providing an excellent gaming case on a budget and has succeeded. This case has the features you want in a mid-tower case with features like tool-less drive installation, plenty of airflow with two fans standard and room for two additional fans to provide maximum airflow, and 7 3.5 bays for HDDs where most cases of this size and price range have four or five at most. The design philosophy of Thermaltake really shines on this case and I highly recommend it. Due to its overall features and tool-less design I must say that for the $79.00... more.
Aug 10, 2009 10:54am
ECS's board is a great fit for the Home Theater PC user that wants a quiet system with no fans besides the CPU cooler. The board has all of the features that you would want from a HTPC motherboard including HDMI, DVI-D and VGA ports on the back panel. The inclusion of the ALC888S audio CODEC and integrated HD 4200 graphics means that lossless Blu-Ray playback is possible with this motherboard without an additional graphics card. Performance is on par with the other 785G motherboards on the market, and the board is available online for under $100 making it a good choice for those wanting an... more.
Aug 09, 2009 10:54am
Intel is about to release their new series of CPUs in the weeks ahead and we were lucky enough to get our hand on a few of the latest motherboards that support this new platform. Today you will get to see three new motherboards ahead of the general pack. Due to NDA limitations we cannot yet show you scores or benchmarks, but we have the pictures features and specs available for you to see. I would like to personally thank, JJ, Angela, and Rajiv as well as Intel for even allowing this to happen as this is a big launch coming up next week. You will see the full reviews of these motherboards... more.
Aug 06, 2009 8:11am
The MA785GMT-UD2H motherboard has a lot going for it. It is relatively inexpensive at 89.99 on Newegg as of this morning. For that price you get the full package including the best featured integrated graphics on the market, High Definition Audio in the form of the Realtek ALC889A CODEC, low noise with no fans on the NB, and a decent performer to boot. HTPC owners will love the fact that the integrated video and sound can play back full lossless Blu-ray with ease and do it without a noisy, hot external video card.This article can be found in our Reviews Vault. Click here to read the full... more.
Aug 05, 2009 11:26am
ZOTAC is a new company to me with this being the first product I've reviewed from them. From a performance point of view, the GeForce GTX285 is the fastest single chip card on the market today, and ZOTAC's card comes clocked higher than the reference cards standard clock speed. The inclusion of the game Race Driver: GRID is outstanding as the game was one of the best of 2008 and showcases the graphics card.This article can be found in our Reviews Vault. Click here to read the full article.
Aug 02, 2009 11:18am
From the perspective of a gamer that is used to playing games with all of the settings on maximum and with high resolution, the 785GM-E65 is a bit of a disappointment, being that performance in games is not fully playable with high settings enabled. This motherboard is not targeted for the hardcore enthusiast who would likely have a bleeding-edge video card anyway so that's not a big issue. The casual gamer wanting to play games with all of the visual fidelity and features of the discrete card will love the integrated graphics as the HD 4200 has support for Shader Model 4.1 and fully supports... more.
Jul 31, 2009 9:49am
For now, the HD 4890 is ATI's best video card besides the dual-chip HD 4870 x2. With an overclocked out of the box clock speed of 870MHz and a memory clock speed of 1050MHz, the Sapphire Vapor-X video card is faster than the default clocked HD 4890s on the market. This card is available on Newegg for $249.99 making it a $30 premium over the 1GB version of the same card. 2GB only really makes a difference when high resolution AA+AF is enabled. Also be aware of the system requirements are slightly wrong on their website.This article can be found in our Reviews Vault. Click here to read the full... more.
Jul 29, 2009 9:52am
If you want a modern video card that runs DirectX 10 games there really isn't another choice than the HD 4650 on the market right now. NVIDIA has abandoned the AGP market, with the last AGP video card the 7900GT, which is a DirectX 9.0 product and not competitive with the HD 4650 in any respect. The GeForce 6800GT was not playable at 1280x1024 on DirectX 9.0 games but on the other hand this was one of the first DX 9.0 supporting cards, so that is to be expected.This article can be found in our Reviews Vault. Click here to read the full article.Get Approved