ATI All In Wonder X1800XL Video Card Review :: Introduction

11-21-2005 · Category: Hardware - Video Cards

By Benjamin Sun

If one thing is constant about the evolving world of video cards, it's that something better is always coming around the corner. It is hard to imagine that it's been over three years since ATI launched the 9700 Pro, the first DirectX 9.0 compliant video chip. It is just as hard to imagine we are approaching 2006 with Microsoft Vista, DirectX 10.0 and a whole slew of new technologies for the video card arena and display technologies.

ATI intended to launch their x1000 series in the early summer of 2005. Unfortunately, due to a chip problem, the x1000 series was delayed, and only now is hitting store shelves. Traditionally, ATI and NVIDIA have launched their high-end chip then a mid-range and a mainstream chip later. With the delay of the x1800, this allowed their x1600 and x1300 series to launch at the same time.

Traditionally, ATI has commanded a dominating presence in the multimedia arena of the PC sector with All-In-Wonder cards and television tuners like the HDTV Wonder and Theater 550 Pro cards are best-in-class for the markets they target. In the past, when ATI launched a new high-end part, they announced an A-I-W version of that part a few months after the release of the high-end part. Due to the delay of the x1000 series, ATI is now able to announce and release their A-I-W card on the newly released x1800XL.