XFX 7800GT SLI Video Card Review :: Introduction

11-09-2005 · Category: Hardware - Video Cards

By Doc Overclock

The entire market for video display adapters has changed dramatically over the last seven years, and these changes are mainly due to the demanding market brought on by the gaming community at large and its growing popularity amongst almost every age group. The advent of the 3D environment really put a spark into the bonnet of chipmakers and gaming makers alike, as now they had a whole new universe in which to expand and realize their brain child ideas graphically. S3 was the fist company to have the gumption to put a VGA card out with the illustrious 3D moniker label well in place, but was it actually a 3D card? The answer is no, not even close, as 3DFX is the one who really put gasoline on the fire and with the introduction of their Voodoo series of cards revolutionized the way we all look and play games in the 3D environment.

NVIDIA back in those days ate the dust of 3DFX as no one especially them could touch the crown known as 3DFX, so NVIDIA being all business like just went and out bought them in a hostile and very unfriendly takeover that drastically changed and put a new face on the 3D world, theirs. Just writing about that entire thing invokes emotion as I was a die hard 3DFX and Bubba Wolford (The Junior PR man for 3DFX) actually gave me my first review sample, and can you believe it, from my favorite company. The not so strange thing is though, the big man on Campus for NVIDIA's PR Brian Burke was the top dog in the PR chain for 3DFX as well. Mr. Burke has been firmly entrenched in the 3D market for two generations of companies and probably is one of the most aggressive of people when it comes to his job of marketing NVIDIA's VGA lineup. He definitely knows the ins and outs of the VGA business, that's for certain, and he has mellowed out over the years becoming firmly entrenched at NVIDIA.

ATI in the midst of all this drastic change took the leadership position with the release of their 9700 series of cards and has held the crown for 2D and 3D visuals for about three years. NVIDIA never one to be pushed but so far has come back strong in the 3D arena and with the introduction of their SLI technology they have once again taken the lead in performance numbers, as nothing can top the sheer performance of two 6800/7800 cards used together in an SLI configuration. I would hope that by now everyone knows what Scalable Link Interface technology is, if not well let's just say that 3DFX introduced this idea with their cards years ago called Scan Link Interleave. NVIDIA has reintroduced an old idea with astonishing results using high-end sophisticated new VGA cards that take them back into the front position of the 3D/Gaming market. ATI has released their new X1000 series of cards in addition to their lackluster Crossfire chipset platform, but poor marketing and not met release dates have showed them on the downslide as of late. XFX is a relative newcomer who has showed that they can take and make a card based on an NVIDIA chipset that has its own uniqueness, one that actually sets it apart from others in the same business. After all the previous rhetoric, we today take a look at one of the new breed of 7800GT cards that are starting to become the mainstay card of the general gamer. XFX and NVIDIA are strong partners who at the moment seem to be in the right place at the right time!