Asus VR Cooler Review :: Introduction

10-29-2005 · Category: Hardware - Cooling

By Tulatin

Much like many of the products we've tested lately, the cooler we have on our hands today is the result of a wildly successful company choosing to branch off. Yet, unlike other companies who have just chosen to take their products to the fringes of the biggest retailers of the industry today, ASUS has been targeting it's goods squarely at mainstream stores for a good deal of time now. Believe me, that effort to make products accessible to the consumer definitely shows, as you'll be hard pressed to find a store these days that won't carry something from Asus - after all even if it's not a motherboard it could be one of a whole plethora of goods from high performance video cards to top quality chassis (a few of which I have used myself). Yet, even with such diversity in their product line, the one area Asus has always seemed to stray away from was the thermal solution market. Now, while their first notable splash happened quite recently in the way of the Star Cool - a massive heat pipe fed copper finned sink fed air through a jet shaped plastic shell, the VR cooler represents a much more practical and realistic product, what we'd like to call Asus' first real offering into the market of consumer level heatsinks. Won't you join us today as we examine this little sink, to see how Asus fared with their first practical offering?