Kingston KHX6000 PC2-6000 Memory Review :: Conclusion

10-18-2005 · Category: Hardware - Memory

By Tulatin

Before we delve into the actual conclusion, there's one thing that needs addressing and that is the incompatibility of these modules with our current testing platform. After some research into the issue, and looking into other websites who have covered this memory, it seems to have worked just fine on other NForce 4 SLI Intel Edition motherboards (notably the P5ND2 from Asus). Even with that in mind, the ability of the memory to trash the windows installs of the drives attached to this motherboard is un-nerving. It rakes the nerves even more so when the memory would sit there and pass hours on hours of memtest, showing nary an error. With that in mind, it would likely be best to have a chat with your motherboard manufacturer before attempting to use this specialized memory, as the results of incompatibility could be fairly devastating.

With the dominance of the performance charts on its own level, Kingston's KHX-6000 has proven itself to be one of those products which, for it's time would have been a legend within its niche market. While it's not quite up to today's standards of speed, or ridiculously low latencies, the ability to produce speeds such as this at latencies such as these is indeed impressive. Thus, I'd have to say that this memory is a good choice for enthusiasts on older motherboards who need to hit higher speeds without sacrificing compatibility or latencies, but for the remainder of the Overclocking crowd, things have gotten faster and better since these modules surfaced these things, such as low latency PC2-5400UL or PC2-8000 would be a better fit for your Overclocking machine. With that in mind, choose your memory wisely, as just as the old maxim states one size never fits all.