ATI All-In-Wonder X800XL PCIx Video Card Review :: Introduction

09-13-2005 · Category: Hardware - Video Cards

By Benjamin Sun

If one thing is clear about the last few years in video cards, it's that ATI and NVIDIA have formed a duopoly. Both companies have held market share leads over that time, and together they constitute 90%+ of the standalone video card market place today. NVIDIA owns the high-end of the market at the moment, as ATI's next generation chipset, the R520 isn't due out for another month or so.

ATI All-In-Wonder X800XL PCIx Video Card Review

One area in where ATI has dominated is in the multimedia category. Since the introduction of the first All-In-Wonder card in the late 90s, they have manufactured cards that have built in television tuners and other features based upon nearly every chipset they've made. The members of the AIW family have included: AIW, AIW 128, AIW RADEON, AIW RADEON 8500DV, 128MB AIW RADEON 8500, AIW 9700 Pro, and more. Today, I'm looking at the All In Wonder X800XL 256MB card.