Crucial Ballistix PC2-6400 Memory Review :: Introduction

09-08-2005 · Category: Hardware - Memory

By Tulatin

While it's one of the most important components of any system, memory is unfortunately another of the items afflicted with a dual identity. After all, perhaps one of the hottest enthusiast topics right now is how much memory bandwidth your system can put out, while maintaining the lowest possible timings. Granted, while the search for high speeds and tight latencies has been one enthusiasts have walked for years, it would be folly to play to just this one group. On the other side of the token you have the novice user, usually after whatever is reputed to have good performance at a low cost, while maintaining stability. For years now, it's been Crucial's mission to provide both of these niches of users with high quality memory - the sort of stuff that works right from the box, yet can still be pushed to the limits of sanity and keep going. It's in this spirit of extreme performance and extreme stability that we have another set of Ballistix modules in our hands today, based upon a slight evolution of chips over the ones we had tested before. These modules claim higher frequencies at the same low latencies as before - a claim that we seek to validate or disprove today.