Asus Extreme N7800GTX TOP Video Card Review :: Introduction

08-31-2005 · Category: Hardware - Video Cards

By Benjamin Sun

If one thing is clear about the last few months in video cards, NVIDIA controls the high-end market place. ATI has delayed their much-anticipated next-generation video card chipset, the R520 until September at the earliest, making NVIDIA based cards the card of choice for the high end gaming enthusiast at the moment.

ASUS is one of the biggest computer component manufacturers on the planet; with more than $80 (NT $) billion in revenue for the first 3 months of 2005 of it and its subsidiary companies Asuspower, Asrock, and Asusalpha. In USD that's about $3 billion in revenue. ASUS makes motherboards, video cards, mini systems and other components.

ASUS manufactures video cards from both NVIDIA and ATI chipsets. Last year NVIDIA launched the 6800 series of cards, with ASUS providing solutions for each announced product. In June, NVIDIA launched their next generation Shader Model 3.0 card, the 7800GTX. The card I'm reviewing today is their TOP 7800GTX.