Gigabyte GV-NX78X256V-B 7800GTX Video Card Review :: Introduction

07-29-2005 · Category: Hardware - Video Cards

By Benjamin Sun

GIGABYTE is one of the biggest motherboard and computer component manufacturers in the world. Founded in 1986, GIGABYTE has been around longer than a lot of companies in this industry. GIGABYTE has over 6000 employees today. To put that in perspective NVIDIA and ATI have less than 5000 employees combined. I've reviewed many GIGABYTE products over the years.

NVIDIA is one of the two biggest video card companies in the world along with ATI. Over the years NVIDIA has released a new architecture then released a refresh card based upon that architecture a few months down the road. Late last month, NIVIDIA announced and released the G70 series of video cards, AKA the 7800GTX. The Gigabyte GV-NX78X256V-B is the first GIGABYTE card based upon the 7800GTX chipset.