Crucial Ballistix 1GB Memory Review :: Introduction

06-02-2005 · Category: Hardware - Memory

By Tulatin

Started in 1996, Crucial was the child of then 20 year old Micron Corporation, who had an idea - to reach further than just chip manufacture and OEM supply, to begin selling high quality, hand tested ram to the people. Over the last nine years (approaching a decade fast however), Crucial technology grew by leaps and bounds, working from one business maxim - support the customer 1 on 1 throughout the entirety of the post and pre sales process.

Perhaps Crucial's most innovative feature was the Memory Adviser tool dedicated to finding just the right ram for your system - just enter your motherboard or system model, and out came your upgrading options. While this tool is still useful now, most motherboards will support nearly any memory that's out there, but considering the time when this technology was derived, it was a critical need. Today, Crucial carries over 110,000 upgrades, which span beyond just the desktop, as some of these modules can be used in printers, routers, notebooks servers and electronic devices. Along with this, there is a 30-day compatibility guarantee - if the ram that you purchased won't work for you, it can be returned within 30 days with no cost to you - that's customer commitment if you ask me. Factor in the 24 hour technical support available by phone, e-mail and fax, the year long warrantees and the competitive pricing and the picture becomes even more clear on why Crucial is doing so well.

Crucial Ballistix 1GB Memory Review

Yet, Crucial isn't just about providing memory to the mainstream consumer, they've also chosen to focus on the enthusiast sector over time, doing so by releasing video cards based on ATI's VPUs, being greeted only with success. With all of these enthusiast products, Crucial still lacked one thing - a line of memory dedicated to the enthusiast. While many of their modules had already been adopted by overclockers and gamers worldwide, this just wasn't enough. With the launch of the Ballistix Series in mid 2004, Crucial made some serious waves within the Enthusiast community - bringing premium quality modules with incredible Overclocking potential to the table at incredible prices to boot. Such an action turned heads in the hardware and enthusiast communities, and any initial doubts about the success of Ballistix was quickly dispelled as enthusiasts quickly began to gobble the memory up, and followed positive review after review, Crucial's here to stay. Let's see if these Ballistix modules we've got on the block today are worth their weight in gold.