Asus EN6800GT Video Card Review :: Introduction

05-31-2005 · Category: Hardware - Video Cards

By Benjamin Sun

You know, the high-end ($499+) video card review scene has been rather boring of late. The release of 512MB video cards that offer little real-world performance increase in the resolutions and settings I use in games, just doesn't excite me. One of the issues is that neither ATI nor NVIDIA have released a new high-performance card in a while, NVIDIA with the 6800 Ultra last year and ATI with the X850XT PE earlier this year.

One segment that has been exciting is the $299-399 segment. Here, NVIDIA and ATI are competing extremely closely, with both sides having excellent parts for the prices. NVIDIA introduced their 6800GT last year in April along with the 6800 Ultra high-end part. ATI recently introduced their X800XL series to compete against NVIDIA's parts with a lower price but similar performance. NVIDIA's trump card at the moment is that their cards can be SLIed, increasing performance to levels undreamt of by a single card. Asus builds video cards based on both NVIDIA and ATI video cards like most video card manufacturers do today. One of the cool things about ASUS is they are one of the biggest motherboard and video card manufacturers in Taiwan. Their cards are characterized by having solid bundles, high performance and generally higher prices than other manufacturers. So what is the EN6800GT all about anyway?