Swiftech H20-80-S/120-F Water Cooling Review :: Introduction

08-29-2005 · Category: Hardware - Cooling

By Doc Overclock

As CPUs grow hotter and hotter with each new generation we find ourselves looking for alternate ways of cooling them. Standard air-cooling may work on many of our CPUs, but with Intel and AMD's latest ventures into the PC arena, sometimes air is just adequate to achieve nominal results as best. Intel especially needs some water cooling if you want to keep their new Dual-Core CPUs temperatures at low levels. Liquid cooling has of late, had a surge of popularity with the entire PC community and has come a long way in its acceptance among users since its introduction a few years back. At first, the mere idea of mixing a water based cooling system in an electronic device was almost heresy to many users as they felt the risk just did not warrant the results. Now liquid or water cooling as most people call it, has a much broader acceptance as technology has turned a once backyard home project for the intense enthusiast into a simple, yet effective way of keeping your CPU cool. Many companies have jumped on the bandwagon and tried to get a market worthy liquid cooling kit that actually works to the masses, shoddy water kits litter the market so do not be fooled by just any product as there are many sub par kits to be had out there on the net.

Swiftech H20-80-S/120-F Water Cooling Review

Gabe Rouchon, or Mon Capitan as I like to refer to him, is the kind of guy who is obsessed with his ideas and his ideals when it comes to CPU thermodynamics and the way they are implemented from his designs and innovations. The first time I met this guy he was throwing his water cooled cases over the side of his roof at his signal hill location, just to prove how strong they were, trust me he is crazy into this stuff. Swiftech is more about the man behind the company as much as the product, as the Capt is critical to a point so precise it sometimes cuts and chaffs certain media personalities who make the mistake of criticizing his designs wrongly. If you are going to criticize his holiness of heatsinks, make sure you are correct in your conclusions or prepare for the wrath of Khan, as he takes serious pride in his handiwork. Kyle Bennett, of HardOCP fame once lovingly referred to him as the "French Prick" back in the days when Kyle's tongue was still sharp as glass, and Mon Capitan's temper was in high gear. Being a perfectionist is not only his fault it's the method to his madness and it materializes itself in the form of some of the best CPU cooling solutions on the market today. Swiftech has been known as an innovator in the areas of superb pumps and solid cooling blocks and many would be upstarts have tried to copy Swiftech's style to no avail. Like every company Swiftech has had its share of problems with some designs but nine times out of ten they hit it right on the mark. We started to review the H2O-80 and actually took all the pictures and ran some tests and when we went to show Gabe how cool it looked and better ways to drain and fill the system he suddenly had the urge to reinvent the wheel and make the system an H2O-120 system instead. So here we go two reviews in one, I hope you like it.

Swiftech H20-80-S/120-F Water Cooling Review