AMD Vesus Intel Battle of the Dual-Core CPUs :: Introduction

05-09-2005 · Category: Hardware - Processors

By Doc Overclock

AMD and Intel have been competitors for a long time now. For many years AMD was the underdog in this two-horse pony show. The last couple of years have AMD has made tremendous gains in both household name recognition and CPU development, which has now helped them overcome Intel stranglehold on the desktop. Since AMD released their FX53 CPU they have been gaining ground on Intel's desktop division and with the help of partners like Asus, they have gained even more ground. Then late last year, NVIDIA introduced the nForce4 chipset and then when AMD combined the FX55 CPU, they took the lead in the desktop arena and do not seem to be slowing down either. Intel on the other hand has had a hard time selling their new LGA775 platform and are actually still selling more of the previous generation socket 478 CPUs, which is bad news for Intel.

Intel and AMD both went in different directions when it came to CPU design and this is where things changed in the CPU world, as different paths led to different results. While Intel focused on having the fastest core speed CPUs thinking that was all users really cared about, AMD focused on getting the most performance by changing the way the CPU handled and processes information as well as controlling the system memory. Intel has bottlenecked themselves with heat issues, which is really strange as AMD has historically been known as the CPU that ran hot, but now AMD CPUs run cooler (Although in all fairness only by a tad bit previously) than Intel's. Intel has no doubt won the clock speed war, as AMD has been hovering in the 2.0GHz area for quite awhile now and Intel has CPUs clocked at 3.73GHz. Now that Dual-Core hath arrived, the battle for desktop domination takes on a new era as w see single slot CPUs become faster than any dual-slot system ever seen. AMD and Intel both have representative CPUs in the Dual-Core arena and that is what we will be looking at today in this review. The results are quite staggering and may very well shock you, as I know they did me, and this may be a serious pivoting point in the industry at large.