Gigabyte Neon Cooler 775-BL Cooling Solution Review :: Introduction

03-28-2005 · Category: Hardware - Cooling

By John Chen

I was fairly surprised when Gigabyte first released their 3D cooler. It featured the exceptional heatpipe technology as well as a unique fan that blows in a 360 direction. Gigabyte then went on to increase the size of the 3D cooler and re-named it as the Rocket. With increased height, multiple fins, and a shroud located near the bottom, the cooler certainly looked like a rocket. It allowed the combination of aesthetics and performance, a mixture that doesn't happen very often. Most of the heatsinks available are either all for looks or all for performance.

The cooler we have today is Gigabyte's most recent release. The cooler is not intended for high performance and doesn't come with a high price. The Neon Cooler 775-BL is a budget cooler intended for budget enthusiasts or for simple non-overclocked systems.