DDR2 The Second Round :: Conclusion

03-18-2005 · Category: Hardware - Memory

By John Chen

The performance of all the contenders was truly outstanding. Crucial's Ballistix Tracer was the only one who couldn't make the cut for low latency. Does that mean that it's no good? Of course, it does not. Even without the low latency numbers, the Tracer still provides innovative performance; and at times even win in certain tests. While low latency is good and ideal, the performance gain is just not there to back up the hype. With all the memory performing so closely together the choice is actually up to the buyer. It really depends on what company you favor most and the memory aesthetics. Some prefer flashing lights while some don't. It's all up to you.

Once again we come down to see who deserves the Editor's Choice Award. To make your life easier, I've done a quick check on prices for the contenders today. Crucial's Ballistix Tracer, OCZ's Platinum Rev2 EB LE, and Corsair's XMS2 Pro were all placed in the $300 category. What about Wintec and their Amp-X? It comes in at an extremely affordable price of sub $200. Yes that is correct. Their DDR2 PC2-5400 comes in under $200 for a set of 1GB dual channel kit. That makes the memory more affordable than current DDR modules. True that in some cases the Amp-X doesn't win the performance crown, but in the world where people look for the best bang for the buck, the Amp-X is the one to have. Its ability to run low latencies, though it does not really matter and the low price makes it a fabulous winner. I was extremely shocked to see how affordable Amp-X really is. For the amount you spend on leading competitors, you can buy 2 sets of 1GB kits of Amp-X! Once again, the newcomer takes up the challenge and walks away with the victory.