DDR2 The Second Round :: OCZ Platinum Edition Rev2 Enhanced Bandwidth Limited Edition PC2-4200

03-18-2005 · Category: Hardware - Memory

By John Chen

Wow that name is long. OCZ is an extremely well known memory manufacturer mainly because their memory overclocks so well. Their memory modules are dedicated to the overclockers and are built with overclocking in mind. It's no surprise that OCZ was the first to announce true low latency DDR2.

OCZ currently features many different lines of memory. They have the Premiere line that caters to budget systems; the Performance line caters to budget gamers and finally the Platinum line that seek out lowest latencies; and the Gold line that aims for highest memory frequencies. The Performance series comes with copper heatspreaders; the Platinum series with copper heatspreaders with a platinum finish; and the Gold series with copper heatspreaders with a gold finish. The platinum heatspreaders are definitely attractive and are extremely reflective.

DDR2 The Second Round
DDR2 The Second Round

The Platinum's seen here today are rated at 266MHz with latencies of 3-2-2-8 and 2.0v. The voltage requirement may be a bit high for some motherboards but if you're going to be using this high performance memory, it's a given that you have a good motherboard that allows at least 2.0v to VDIMM. The memory uses the same "fatty" Micron memory chips found in the Centon Low Latency DDR2. Apparently, this memory chip is the only chip capable of reaching low latencies. Since the memory was already at low latencies, I proceeded to find the highest overclock allowed with the low latencies unchanged. I reached a high of 320MHz 3-2-2-8 with 2.2v. I loosened the timings to 4-3-3-10 and reached a high of 367MHz without a problem. Once again, this was the limit of my CPU.

DDR2 The Second Round
DDR2 The Second Round

  • 266MHz 3-2-2-8
  • 320MHz 3-2-2-8
  • 337MHz 4-3-3-10
  • 367MHz 4-3-3-10