FIC SFF Condor Mini System Review :: Performance

12-08-2004 · Category: Hardware - Systems

By Doc Overclock

FIC SFF Condor Mini System Review
FIC SFF Condor Mini System Review
FIC SFF Condor Mini System Review

System Hardware

  • FIC Condor Mini SFF
  • CPU: Northwood 3.2GHz
  • Cooling: Tai Sol 478 Heatsink/Fan combo
  • DDR Memory: Crucial (Ballistix) PC3200 CAS 2.0
  • AGP 8X: RADEON 9800XT 256MB
  • Hard Drive: WD Raptor 36GB 10,000 RPM SATA150
  • Power: Epower 450W Jaguar

Test Software

  • SYSmark 2004
  • PCmark 2004
  • 3Dmark 2001
  • 3Dmark 2003
  • Quake 3 (Time Demo 1)
  • UT2003 (Botmatch/Flyby)
  • DIVX (Encoding)
  • Prime95 (Mathematical Stress Test)
  • BurnIn Test Pro (24Hr Stability Test)

Well it was not the fastest or slowest system on the block and that is fair game in my humble opinion as the margin between the two different ends of the spectrum is not really even noticeable by the person interfacing with the system. It showed itself to be a stable and reliable system for the two months that we used it in the lab. Hey, at least it never went flat-line on us and is still in a complete operational state after many hours of testing various new parts for compatibility issues. We test with a specific set of hardware for our comparison charts, but many different types of memory, VGA cards and optical drives were used at different times during the subsequent usage period of the Condor. On the very positive side of the equation no hardware we used had any hardware issues to be noted as negative.