FIC SFF Condor Mini System Review :: Introduction

12-08-2004 · Category: Hardware - Systems

By Doc Overclock

Mini/SFF systems seemed to be the quickest growing market for a short while, and then it just seemed to tame down as quickly as it caught on. Most of the major players in the game and many of the second tier companies have all jumped on the band wagon and have developed and released at least one effort for the Mini SFF market. Small Form Factor systems have a niche market, one that solely belongs to PCs of that genre and the people who covet them. Gamers who do a lot of traveling around to their friends houses or other places in search of LAN tourneys will find features in an SFF system that will most likely suit their needs for on the go gaming adventures.

Drawbacks to Mini/SFF systems are small low powered power supplies and very limited expansion room for large 3D VGA cards and other discreet peripherals. Getting inside and building some of these systems can be a daunting phase for those with large hands or low dexterity, as sometimes it takes some finesse and a pair of small hands just to build the little buggers. Many have a very cool and artistic look to them and this adds dynamically to their visual appeal aspect. The FIC Condor is a system that when looked at is very sleek in its design offering the user good looks in addition to its performance values. You can very easily open and interface with your CD and floppy drive by opening the units face plate so it is a bit on the ergonomic side in some respects. Read on and see all the details for the new Condor by FIC as we take you through a guided tour of their latest effort.