Asus X800XT PCX Video Card Review :: Conclusion

11-29-2004 · Category: Hardware - Video Cards

By Benjamin Sun

I'm extremely satisfied with the Asus eXtreme AX 800XT video card. The card is fast enough to power Half Life 2 at the maximum resolution and settings possible on my home computer at fully playable frame rates. The same can also be said about Doom 3, which despite the apparent bias towards being faster on NVIDIA based cards, is still nearly fully playable. Older games are also completely playable on this card.

The X800XT series delivers all of the performance you want from a high-end video card and the features you need as well. While NVIDIA has moved to the Shader Model 3.0 platform, ATI decided to make their best possible Shader Model 2.0 card with current technology. Once we game manufacturers move to supporting SM3.0, be assured that ATI and Asus will support it as well.

The card is actually available on Pricewatch and Newegg, which is an excellent thing. The only caveat I have with the card is the extreme high price tag on Pricewatch of $582 USD. With the included bundle (Deus Ex Invisible War, Asus specific software, the multimedia software) and the general high prices of ATI based X800XTs, this is the thing that limits it from getting an Editor's Choice award. Pricing of the component may not be an issue to many review sites but to me, it's one of the primary issues. The quality of the card notwithstanding, if you have to pay a $100 premium for the same basic chip it makes you think twice.