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11-29-2004 · Category: Hardware - Video Cards

By Benjamin Sun
ASUS eXtreme AX 800XT
Asus X800XT PCX Video Card Review
ModeleXtreme AX 800XT
Graphics ChipR423
Graphics Memory TypeDDR3
Memory (MB)256
Graphics Core Clock (MHz)500
Memory Clock (MHz)500
Memory Speed (ns)2.0
RAMDAC Frequency (MHz)Dual 400
Active Cooling on Graphics ChipYes
Heatsink on MemoryYes
Video CaptureYes
System Health MonitoringYes
Dual Monitor SupportYes
Video In and OutS Video Out, S Video In, Composite Out
Package and Support
Printed ManualYes
Driver CDYes
Performance Tool SoftwareYes
Major GamesDeus Ex Invisible War
Major SoftwareUlead Cool 3D 2.0, Power Director 3, Media Show
VR GlassesNo
DVD Player SoftwareAsus DVD XP
Video Recording SoftwarePhoto Express 4.0 SE

The cooling on Asus's board is different than the cooling on ATI's board, which can be a good thing. Asus has a 11 fin fan covering the VPU with the Asus name where the ATI name would be on ATI's card. The copper heat sink covers the vast majority of the PCB (Printed Circuit Board). The size of the board is a one-slot board, however, it can be a tight fit on some systems as it's almost a 2-slot board. It very nearly ran over onto the 2nd slot of a Foxcon 925 board, which has the PCI Express 1x slot right next to the 16X slot. The AX 800XT is a standard length PCI Express X16 video card. It should fit into any normal computer case without issue.

Asus X800XT PCX Video Card Review
Asus X800XT PCX Video Card Review
Asus X800XT PCX Video Card Review

The eXtreme AX X800XT is based upon ATI's R423 chip. This card is a 16-pixel pipeline design, with a core clock speed of 520 MHz giving a maximum theoretical fill rate of 8.32 Gigapixels a second (520 Million x16). The reference X800XT from ATI has a clock speed of 500 MHz, giving it a fill rate of 8 Gigapixels a second, meaning the Asus card is clocked higher than ATI's reference design.

Memory is arranged into 8 32MB chips 4 on the front of the PCB and 4 on the rear of the PCB. The chips are Samsung K4J553Z30F-GC20, which are rated for 2.0ns DDR3 memory. The X800XT has a 256-bit memory bus giving the AX800XT a total of 32 GB of memory bandwidth (500MHzx2x256/8) =32 GB a second memory bandwidth. The memory is rated at the maximum theoretical speed of the chips.

Asus X800XT PCX Video Card Review
Asus X800XT PCX Video Card Review

High-end PCI Express video cards require a different power connector than the 4-pin Molex connector or 4-pin Floppy drive connector. They use a 6-pin power connector. If your power supply doesn't have the new connector, don't fret, as Asus includes a 2 Molex to one 6-pin adapter in the package of the AX X800XT. To use the adapter, plug in two of the Molex connectors to the adapter and then plug the other end of the adapter into the video card.

Asus X800XT PCX Video Card Review
Asus X800XT PCX Video Card Review

Asus included 2 DVI-I ports on the input/output area of the PCB. If you need a video card to support dual DVI monitors this one does. I know several people that bought 6800 Ultras simply because they couldn't find a X800XT with dual DVI inputs. There's also a TV-Out port, which you can attach to your TV to play games on.