Asus X800XT PCX Video Card Review :: Introduction

11-29-2004 · Category: Hardware - Video Cards

By Benjamin Sun

ATI has been dominating the video card market place for the last 2 years, since the release of the RADEON 9700 Pro and deservedly so. nVidia, really their only competition in the high-end video card space was hampered by the late release of the GEFORCE FX 5800 Ultra, and by it's lagging performance in DirectX 9.0 games. Subsequent to the 5800 Ultra release, NVIDIA has played catch-up releasing 5900 Ultra, 5950 Ultra, and 6800 Ultra in the high end. Only with the release of the NV40 (6800 Ultra) has NVIDIA caught up with ATI. ATI on the other hand has steadily released new video cards with faster clock speeds, more features and more power.

Earlier this year ATI announced and released the X800 series of cards. This consisted of the X800XT PE which is the top of the line for the moment (reportedly ATI will release a faster card in a very short while), the X800 Pro which has 4 less pixel pipelines and a slower pipeline. The X800XT is a slower clocked version of the X800XT PE and is retailing for a price of $449 for the ATI version, but usually the prices are much higher online to purchase this card.

Asus has released many video cards over the years based upon both NVIDIA and ATI video chips. When ATI announced the eXtreme AX 800XT PE back in May, Asus also announced their card based upon that chipset. The eXtreme AX 800XT was announced a short time ago and is now available in stores like NewEgg and Pricewatch today. With the very recent release of Half Life 2 (you all are playing the game right?), it's a good time to look into a X800XT class card.