ATI USB 2.0 TV Wonder Tuner Review :: Introduction

10-25-2004 · Category: Hardware - Video Cards

By Benjamin Sun
Watching television on the PC (Personal Computer) has been a blessing to me over the years. It's interesting to note that my first experience with a TV tuner was the Hauppauge WinTV back in 1998. To some degree, watching TV on the PC has always been a fascination of mine. Living in a small apartment means that space is rather limited. While I might like a huge HDTV that takes up the entire wall of my bedroom, realistically, I just don't have the space. ATI is one of the worldwide leaders in multimedia technology for the PC. Their All In Wonder line, which was recently expanded upon with the announcement of the AIW RADEON X800XT is unmatched in the computer space for the versatility and features it offers. They've released a series of television tuner cards called TV Wonder for the PCI bus and also recently the HDTV Wonder, which I reviewed a few short months ago. ATI and their competitor in this marketplace, Hauppauge also introduced a USB television tuner. Not every computer has a PCI slot (especially notebooks and Small Form Factor (SFF) computers) and frankly not everyone has a free PCI slot on the computers they have. For those people that want to watch television on their monitor, the choices are currently limited to USB TV tuners. As we'll discover in this review, USB 1.0 TV tuners have limitations, which the TV Wonder 2.0 is designed to alleviate.