Asetek Antarctica Cooler Review :: Introduction

08-24-2004 · Category: Hardware - Cooling

By John Chen

Asetek is a well-known cooling company in the extreme overclocking community. Their Vapochill cooling systems are known to cool at sub-zero temperatures while keeping installation easy and simple. Many people build their own cascades and refrigeration units and end up creating a huge mess. The Vapochills are very effective and yet so small to be able to fit inside a case. However, with such a great piece of cooling equipment comes a hefty price, reaching well over $700. Not everyone has the money to spend on cooling equipment alone. Hence, Asetek has come up with an affordable water-cooling solution: the Asetek WaterChill.

The Asetek WaterChill water-cooling kit we will be reviewing today is an updated version of the older kit. The older WaterChill kit included the Asetek WaterChill Universal CPU Block. The updated kit we received includes the Asetek WaterChill Antarctica CPU Cooler. This new block is more efficient at cooling your hot CPU than the original waterblock.