Video Card: ATI AIW 9600XT Review :: Conclusion

04-19-2004 · Category: Hardware - Video Cards

By Doc Overclock

There are many different VGA card makers and types of cards available in today's market but like I stated earlier none offer the features of ATI's All in Wonder series of cards. That means to me that if you want to watch TV, capture video even make a simple home video you can either buy a bunch of different parts and hope they all work together or just buy an All in Wonder card and get the whole complete package. Overall I was very satisfied with what this card and package have to offer the user as it performs well, has a great amount of features and is prices in the sub $300.00 price range. If you really just wanted to tinker around a bit and bought all the parts separately your cost would be about $100.00 more than what you get with the 9600XT AIW card. I can heartily recommend this card to anyone who's VGA criteria includes the feature options offered with this card. Good Job again ATI, the AIW series has a niche that is all its own. Until next time.