CPU: AMD 2.4GHz FX-53 VS Intel 3.4GHz XE :: Conclusion

03-18-2004 · Category: Hardware - Processors

By Doc Overclock

Okay here it is, what most people want in their CPU can be found in either one of these CPUs. They both function flawlessly and stable on their respected platforms and offer top notch performance for the user with only a few differences in the overall perspective. Let's talk about motherboards and platform support for a moment, the AMD FX-53 has a very narrow motherboard selection that although growing cannot even touch the tips of the iceberg of how many boards support the 3.4 XE. That said, I was more impressed with the FX-53 than the P4 as far as CPU performance was in the overall picture. I have to say it, this FX-53 kicks major ass as far as a work horse CPU. Don't get me wrong the P4 3.4 XE is a really great CPU as well but AMD in my eyes has done an outstanding job here in finally "really" catching up and competing with Intel in the desktop platform arena.

Games and amazingly SYSmark 2004 ran faster on the FX-53 and was one aspect of the tests that really impressed me as usually AMD has always historically been beaten by the Intel platform for some reason or another. SYSmark 2004 is a test that uses real world software applications and other media based tests to determine a CPU's ability to perform in real time and shows the FX-53 to be a very compatible and performance savvy CPU for the desktop. Another thing I really like about the new AMD chips in general is their new design that follows Intel in offering a CPU that cannot have its die crushed by simply putting to much pressure on the chip when installing a new heatsink and fan.

The whole 64-Bit thing although an outstanding technical leap is still very young and is more at this point a cool thing for the future programmer or tinkering geek than an appealing feature for the gamer or enthusiast crowd. Both of these chips as well as being the kings of speed and performance are also the most expensive with both chips coming into market at over the $700.00 range. The Intel chip is still in the higher price range as it will market debut at about $950.00, while the FX-53 will be priced around $733.00 a fairly wide margin of over $200.00. My final analysis is this; If you are building a new system and do not own a board for either the AMD or Intel platform the AMD FX-53 is a better buy when doing dollar to dollar comparisons and is a bit faster in many tests. On the other hand if you already own an Intel board I would not change platforms, I would just buy the 3.4XE and be happy. There you have it in a few words folks; I hope this review was helpful to you and helps you decide what is best for you, until net time.