CPU: AMD 2.4GHz FX-53 VS Intel 3.4GHz XE :: Performance Scores

03-18-2004 · Category: Hardware - Processors

By Doc Overclock

We ran our standard battery of tests, which is more than some and less than others but still gives a broad range of results for determining the CPU's performance capabilities. As you can see the scores between the two processors are very close with the FX-51 taking the lead in many of the tests, which came as quite the surprise here in the lab as we thought the P4 3.4GHz XE would dominate the test bed. Being fairly even is a good thing; especially for AMD who are usually the ones playing the catch-up game. Stability testing was done with our normal tests of PassMark BurninPro and prime95 for 24 and 12 hours respectively. No issues with stability or errors were found during the tests and both CPU's showed solid results.