Video Card: Crucial RADEON 9800 Pro 256MB Review :: Introduction

02-20-2004 · Category: Hardware - Video Cards

By Benjamin Sun

Crucial Corporation is a integral part of Micron Semiconductor Products Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Micron Technology Inc.. Micron makes memory, video cards, motherboards and many other computer components. I use Crucial or Micron memory in my main system at home most of the time. They bought Rendition a few years back, but they haven't made any video cards based upon Rendition technology, nor will they make any cards based upon that technology.

ATI announced the Radeon 9800 Pro in February of 2003. As the refresh to the 9700 Pro, this card added new features, more performance via clock speed and some minor architectural differences over the 9700 Pro. In mid-year, ATI released the 256MB version of the 9800 Pro, with more memory. That's the card I'm reviewing today.

This is the first Crucial video card I've ever reviewed but our test system has had a Crucial 9700 Pro since the first Athlon 64 motherboards have been reviewed in December of last year. The first Crucial video card was released last year a few months after the release of the 9700 Pro from ATI.