CPU: AMD Athlon 3400+ 64-bit Processing :: Conclusion

01-09-2004 · Category: Hardware - Processors

By Doc Overclock

I am left wondering where the FX-51 will fit into the market now that the Athlon 64 3400+ is just as fast and a much more budget conscious product. I was very happy with how well this platform worked overall and the new CPU package design is far superior to their previous CPU's making that alone is a excellent stand out point about the Athlon 64. The 3400+ was faster in about every test but SYSmark 2002/2004, which is par for the course when comparing AMD against Intel with those tests. The previous versions of SYSmark have always had AMD following way behind but the new 2004 scores show both platforms around the same performance level with a much shorter gap in the scoring between the two.

The Verdict; if you want a chip that has tomorrow's technology today and are looking for an alternative platform to the Intel giant the AMD Athlon 64 3400+ has a lot to offer under the hood. Although the age of 64-bit computing is a bit ahead of time the reality will be realized within the next year as more and more companies start gearing up for that environment. The first Intel CPU to utilize 32-bit technology dates back to the 80386, which dates back almost fifteen years so it is good to just see someone take the initiative and push technology forward. After all 15 years is a long, long time in this business for something to remain the same as the technology jump is usually every six months or so. The AMD X86-64 technology found in the Athlon 64 is the first mass produced CPU of its kind.

The speed and performance of this chip along with the sheer audacity of AMD for putting their necks out in the almost now non-existent 64-Bit platform impresses me as to what risks they are willing to take in the name of advancing technology. $400.00 is not too steep of a price for a top of the line CPU and AMD should do well at this price point for the gamer and enthusiast who want the most bang for the buck. So far as motherboards for this CPU go, the SOYO Dragon Plus was the fastest but with limited options and the MSI K8T-NEO scored second fastest with an abundance of features. Personally, I have to touch on this new CPU design as a move in the right direction as far as the home builder goes, as this new package cannot be crushed by the CPU fan such as its predecessors and offers a safe zone unavailable since AMD's Socket A era. Good job AMD, now users really have a choice of powerhouse CPU's that won't break the bank to get a top of the line CPU in their system. Look for the soon to arrive FX-53 to balance up the AMD 64-Bit platforms as it is sure to be one fast chip and will surely out pace the 3400+.