CPU: AMD Athlon 3400+ 64-bit Processing :: Introduction

01-09-2004 · Category: Hardware - Processors

By Doc Overclock

In the ever-evolving world of the CPU game Intel and AMD go back and forth in the "who has the fastest silicon" race. With the release of the new AMD Athlon 3400+ the crown shifts to AMD as the current king of speed. How long this last can is unpredictable as rumors of Intel's new premiere CPU code named Prescott is whispered to be faster than anything yet seen in the desktop environment. For the moment though, AMD can bask in their glory and be content to wear the crown as long as possible, a thing to surely please those fans of the AMD platform.

Which is the better solution? Dual or single channel memory is the big question at hand and the jury is still not decided if dual-channel memory really offers more performance gains than a single channel solution. The Socket 754 is the budget or main stream 64-bit solution that has been gaining momentum in the enthusiast's arena as a serious alternative to the Intel platform.

Does MHz really matter any more? Since AMD decided to just concentrate on actual performance instead of MHz they have been locked at the 2.2GHz barrier as far as clock speeds go and still outperform CPU's running at a GHz faster. This wild move to forget clock speed and concentrate on performance values initially confused the daylights out of users who were so entrenched with the idea of 2.2GHz being 2.2GHz and all else being market ploy that they shied away from the AMD camp. The idea has been widely accepted and opinions have been swayed by the performance seen in the Athlon 64 series.