Systems: Monarch Hornet SFF Mini System Review :: Conclusion

11-13-2003 · Category: Hardware - Systems

By Doc Overclock

After using many different Mini or SFF systems I must say that after drilling out the rivets making the top removable the Hornet was much easier to work on than the usual suspects that have come through the lab that have had very tight confining work areas. Accessing and replacing the board is done fairly simply. This is due to the Hornets sliding tray that allows better access to the system. If you have big hands as many of us do you this will be an appreciated plus when assembling your own box. I do not think with its size it exactly qualifies as the smallest SFF system as it is a bit bigger than the Shuttle boxes I have seen and I think the MSI Mega has been the smallest one I've yet to see. It will still fit on your desktop and not take up too much room though. With the way things are going eventually anything larger than necessary will become an obsolete eyesore as big systems fade like the dinosaurs of yesteryear. This thing does look a bit unadorned but it is functional albeit not too fancy as it is made travel with you if need be, so the less is more theme applies and makes for better mobile functionality for the Hornet. The bottom line comes down to this, if you want a unit that is not about frill but about solid workmanship this might be your flavor of mini PC.