Case: Koolance PC2-C Water Cooled Case Review :: Conclusion

02-18-2002 · Category: Hardware - Cases

By Doc Overclock

Well I have to say my results were very impressive while using the PC2-C. I was able to overclock my CPU by over 300MHz turning my P4 1.7GHz into a P4 2.1GHz dynamo. I know the motherboard; RAM and CPU have a lot to do with overclocking results but keeping the CPU's temperature at a constant low heat stable level helped immensely in the overall mission.

This system is a little bit pricey but I think it is still a good value because lets face it the damn thing is pretty nifty, it looks good and it really does help in the task of keeping both the CPU/ Video card cool enough to get good stable overclocking results. They could have made this thing with some better parts though. What I mean by this is only the CPY cooling block is made of copper all the other blocks are made of aluminum which although a good heat conductor would be much better if made of copper instead.

I really cannot complain though because I had a really good time testing this unit. I have gone from being leery of water-cooling to an addict after using this case and its water-cooling abilities. We first saw this thing at last years Comdex and we were pretty impressed with its overall features at that time and thought it would make a cool review. If you are a serious overclocking junkie this case/water-cooling system are a tough act to follow. I would recommend this product to anyone who wants to have the best and most thorough cooling unit available on the market. It is efficient, user friendly, and has all the right stuff to be an Editors choice product. Rock on Koolance this baby rules.

Doc out