Case: Koolance PC2-C Water Cooled Case Review :: Features

02-18-2002 · Category: Hardware - Cases

By Doc Overclock

The Koolance PC2-C is based around a mid tower ATX form factor case that should house most standard size single CPU motherboards up to 12.5" x 10.25" (31.75cm x 26cm) and will work with both the AMD Athlon and Intel P4 platforms due to the very good power supply that is supplied with the case. The cases external dimensions are 18.1" x 7" x 17.9" which is about the same size as most mid tower ATX cases so it should fit in most places.

This model comes fully loaded with all the factory options and will cool not only your CPU but also your video card and Northbridge chipset as well making this a very appealing little unit. There are adjustable fans for the heat transfer (Radiator) with three alternate settings depending on your cooling needs and a top mounted temperature gage so you can monitor the heat of your system devices.

There are bays available for the Zip drive devices without using a 51/4 to 3.5 adapter, which is a cool plus for some folks. The PC2-C is incorporated with both high grade plastic and various other metals in the total makeup of the unit. For the overclocker this is a serious choice for your motherboards home and price be damned if you want to go all out.

One of the great things about water-cooling is its ability to maintain a constant temperature around the CPU instead of the ever-changing temperature that occurs in an airflow only system. There are actually only three 51/4 bays as the top bay is where the heat exchanger is located. Inside the case the power supply comes with enough plug connectors for all of your internal IDE devices without the additional need of a Y adapter. As a complete unit this is one amazing product and if you read the rest of the review I will show you in detail what makes the PC2-C a very special product. Read on.