Case: Koolance PC2-C Water Cooled Case Review :: Introduction

02-18-2002 · Category: Hardware - Cases

By Doc Overclock

Overclocking has become a big sensation here in the good ole US of A and it is slowly turning from home hobbyist to big business. As people become more and more serious and in tune with the art of overclocking big money is slowly creeping in and getting a share of the pie. Most enthusiasts are familiar with air cooling and using the proper thermal paste, which in my eyes is still Artic Silver II but this is just the tip of the overclocking iceberg. A great deal has been written about the air cooling subject and you may have seen the various cooling solutions reviewed on different hardware review sites on the net. If you are new to this subject read this first to help get you started on your way.

Cooling with water has in the past gone hand in hand with the hard-core enthusiasts due to the tremendous effort and risk that are inherent with tackling this adventure. Well things have certainly changed a bit in the last year and water cooling has become an expensive but almost risk free task since companies like Koolance and Swiftech have entered the game, refining the technology surrounding this new frontier. In this review we are going to take a look at the new Koolance PC2-C case. This slick designed bad boy is a self-contained water-cooling unit that cools down the major parts of the entire system. It also keeps the PC running much cooler compared to systems using known air-cooling methods. Check out the full review, this one is pretty interesting people, a real gem for the overclocker.