CPU: AMD 1.2GHz Duron :: Final Thoughts

12-13-2001 · Category: Hardware - Processors

By Doc Overclock

I think AMD is headed in the right direction and with a CPU that performs this well and sells for less than a $100.00. It is sure to be a winner in both the OEM and channel marketplace. The world market has recently taken a shift downward and the economy is bad everywhere so anything that can save money on the total cost of a system is going to be welcomed with open arms to consumers around the globe.

This is one hell of a CPU and can outperform many of its peers. When I asked Intel for a 1.2GHz Celeron to use as a competitive chip they declined, saying the Celeron was not currently the proper CPU to represent them in this comparison. I was slightly shocked by that very surprising admission from the big boys over at Intel.

But don't get cocky, Intel has their own weapon right around the corner in the form of .13 micron processors at speeds starting off at 2.2GHz which they say will once again make them the dominator in the CPU game. Look for these new .13 micron processors to begin hitting the market right after your New Years party.

As a consumer just sit back, relax, and let the CPU wars continue. In the end all the price-cutting increases your purchasing power and we all come out the winners of that competition. I do not think Intel is worried much though, they still dominate the playing field and even with the overclockers, rebels, and enthusiast dollars going in AMD's direction, the cold hard fact is that Intel has still got the handle on name branding and that is something that AMD will still have to work on. AMD has only one way to go though, trust me on this people, and that way is up, up, up. I just love an overclockable CPU, ahh, the spinning fans the sounds of a hard drive engaging and the light on my screen flickering into clarity, these are what dreams are made of folks.

Doc Out