PNY Performance Series Geforce GTX 660Ti Review And Benchmarks

Thu, 2012-08-16 05:32 -- Elric Phares
GeForce GTX 660Ti

Today we see yet another contender for the mid range king, that my friends is the all-new NVIDIA GTX 660Ti. Targeted at the AMD 7870 and 7950 it is priced at right around $300.00 U.S this should be the very hottest card that NVIDIA releases in 2012 and garnish sales records worldwide. This card is aimed at the mid range market and not the high-end although rumors have it that in some games and tests it will however perform at very nice levels. The card is not geared for Ultra High Resolution monitors and is for the mainstream market where 1920X1080 resolutions reign supreme.

Based Off NVIDIA's reference design the PNY GeForce GTX 660Ti Performance Edition is priced well and works just as well as any non reference design in normal operating mode. Comparatively cool and quiet this card earns a Top Value Award here on the MotherBoard HomeWorld.


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