TRENDnet Releases N150 Wireless Travel Router

Thu, 2013-10-03 17:29 -- Admin

TRENDnet has released its new N150 Wireless Travel Router, model TEW-714TRU, which is designed to share a single internet connection with multiple users while on the go.

The TEW-714TRU comes in a compact form factor, which plugs directly into an outlet. It comes with three replaceable electrical plugs—an American, European, and British-style plug to accommodate electrical outlets in almost every location.

Velocity Micro’s Intel Core i7-Powered Systems Hit the Channel

Wed, 2013-10-02 16:23 -- Admin

Enthusiast computing system manufacturer Velocity Micro has announced the availability of systems powered by unlocked fourth-generation Intel Core i7 processors and the Intel Core i7 Extreme Edition.

“When creating our ultra-performance PCs, It’s critically important for us to have the very latest hardware at hand to combine with our meticulous build process,” says Velocity Micro president and CEO Randy Copeland.


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