Sep 17, 2015 10:00am
Choosing technology that allows for collaboration will enable students to share ideas with one another and increase their interest in learning.
Sep 17, 2015 2:29am
Designed to be a one-stop gaming and entertainment system, the small form factor desktop features a 9.5-liter chassis, 6th generation Intel Core processor, and NVIDIA GeForce graphics.
Sep 15, 2015 8:46pm
Since the turn of the millennium, the projection market has evolved from CRT, to more installation-friendly LCD, LCoS, and DLP technologies. The next wave to hit the channel addresses brightness and efficiency.
Sep 15, 2015 8:46pm
The company unveils its fastest EVGA GTX 980 TI card next to K|NGP|N, boasting 1291MHz Boost Clock with room for more.
Sep 15, 2015 11:59am
The new version of Carbonite Pro Prime allows administrators to remotely deploy and manage their users' backups.
Sep 09, 2015 4:33pm
The collection includes new smartphones, wearables, tablets, and PCs designed to give consumers and professionals the products that fit their lives.
Sep 09, 2015 11:00am
Modern and waterproof, the Braven Balance speaker combines vibrant design with powerful HD sound.
Sep 08, 2015 5:09pm
The Satechi Bluetooth Wireless Smart Keyboard adds a full-sized keyboard to your computer without occupying a USB port and can switch between five connected devices.
Sep 08, 2015 5:09pm
The G190-H44 server supports the new NVIDIA Tesla M60 Cards and GRID 2.0 technology.
Sep 08, 2015 12:44am
The company’s first convertible Chromebook features a 360-degree hinge enabling transition between four modes: laptop, pad, display, and tent.