Apr 12, 2017 8:50pm
Cisco MDS Storage Networking Director now offers 32Gb, analytics, flash memory support, and extended 32Gb fabric integration with Cisco UCS.
Apr 07, 2017 2:36pm
OVHCSCPhysical security wares from ISC West, a newly expanded Office 365 SKU for desk-less workers, and the app everyone who’s ever agonized over baby names has been waiting for are all among the stories we didn’t tell you about this week.
Apr 06, 2017 8:34pm
Priced under $200, the Linksys Max Stream EA8300 offers Wi-Fi speeds up to 2.2 Gbps.
Apr 05, 2017 11:32am
The company introduces wireless controller kits to provide seamless roaming connectivity.
Apr 03, 2017 8:25am
Big security and cloud computing conferences, a giant gathering of tech startups in San Francisco (where else?), and an irresistible purchase for hardcore golfers who are also hardcore geeks lie ahead this week for the SMB channel.
Apr 01, 2017 2:13am
New SMB mobility goodies from Cisco, auto attendant functionality for Microsoft’s Skype for Business, and a whole hiding-in-plain-sight universe of emulators for ancient computers are among the many stories we didn’t get to this week.
Mar 29, 2017 11:06pm
Samsung’s DeX docking station (pictured) lets users operate the Galaxy S8 like a PC, and an alliance with VMware will eventually add the ability to stream Windows desktops and applications to the new smartphone.
Mar 28, 2017 11:02pm
Available immediately, the new, virtual reality-ready Xeon E3-1200 v6 product family delivers up to 56 percent better performance than their predecessors and up to 3 times the graphics performance.
Mar 24, 2017 4:52pm
A breakthrough SSD from Intel, a less than breakthrough iPad from Apple, and a tech industry CEO with terrifying new powers were all among the stories we didn’t tell you about this week.